Finn Realty and Florida's Emerald Coast



My name is Patrick Finn and I am the broker/owner of Finn Realty. We have been selling real estate in the Florida Panhandle since 2002. As a successful investor myself, we provide an experienced perspective to our clients. I often ask buyers if they would hire a stockbroker that either does not invest in the market or has failed miserably at it. Buying a house is a huge investment but it can be a lucrative one as well. We pride ourselves in making money for our clients. We use our experience to guide buyers to the most suitable properties. Though our specialty is Beachfront income producing properties we assist with second home and primary residences as well. We are a full service brokerage and management company that can manage your short and long term properties after the sale. We also have a home guard service that provides bi-weekly inspections of second homes. We even can prepare your second home for your stay! You are our top priority.

A real estate portfolio starts with your first purchase and will grow for a lifetime. With investments the size of homes, making a bad decision can set you back years. It is critical that you work with someone that has experience and a record of success. Building a real estate portfolio, like a stock portfolio take years and a certain amount of expertise. Choose your agent wisely! The boyfriend of your spouses highschool classmate may not be your best option!

Patrick Finn